Professional training,
retraining and professional development of personnel

The "Pareto-Prof Training" Center is
structural unit ООО «ИПК Парето-Принт»

in 2017
The main objectives of the training center are to ensure the needs of the enterprise in qualified personnel through the implementation of
professional training programs for personnel, and the achievement of labor universality of workers by mastering them related
professions and specialties, additional equipment and new technologies.
Implements training in 20 professions of the printing profile:
  • prepress
  • printing processes
  • bookbinding processes
  • maintenance and repair
Carries out industrial training
  • only full-time employees of the company
  • in groups and individually
  • in full-time and in Russian
The equipment of the center
  • teaching aids
  • normative and technical documentation
  • class
  • production sites with modern high-tech equipment
  • electronic resource-intranet, section: Training center "Pareto-Prof"
Training is conducted
  • Teachers of theoretical training - leading specialists of the enterprise
  • Mentors of industrial training - highly skilled workers
Phone 8 (4822) 62-00-14
Fax 8(4822) 62-00-18
Tver, Industrial zone Borovlyovo-1, complex № 3 «А»